Welcome to the 2023 Nostrich November Art Challenge!

- Daily Prompt List (7.5" x 10" JPG)
- Ostrich Silhouettes & Outlines (7.5" x 10" JPG)
- 30 day tracker (7.5" x 10" JPG)
- 15 day tracker (7.5" x 10" JPG)

1. Create art* that incorporates a nostrich (purple ostrich) - see the Nostrich origin story

2. Post a photo of your art on Nostr (decentralized, global, open, social, network protocol) - learn more about Nostr at this website

3. Use the hashtag #nostrichnovember (optional: hashtag that describes your art such as #dancingnostrich)

* drawing, painting, comic, animation, photograph, mixed media, sculpture, story, meme, arranged food/flowers/sea shells/rocks, pet costume, outlines in the sand/snow, etc. etc. etc.

Following the Daily Prompt List is optional.

If you want to create and post every day in November, do it. If you want to only participate once a week, do it. If you want to just follow the hashtags, do it. If you like something you see and want to zap the creator some sats, definitely do it.

The goal is to have fun and share your creativity. I truly believe everyone is creative if they give themselves a chance. This November can be your chance.

I created a coloring book from the drawings I made for the 2023 Nostrich November art challenge. If you color them purple, they can be your art challenge as well. The French Fashion Nostriches of the 1920s Coloring Book contains 8 unique nostriches as a mid-shot with an Art Deco pillar and as a full-length portrait (so you can color those fabulous two-toed shoes), which makes for 16 pages of coloring fun. PDF is 6 MB.

- Buy coloring book for 10,000 sats - after you pay the Lightning invoice, you will see the download link for the PDF
- Buy coloring book for $5 USD - this is my personal website/ecommerce store

Suggestions/questions/comments welcome via Nostr to rustypuppy